About ME!

Who is Mama Woody?

I am a very happy wife and a proud mother. My husband and I recently tied the knot and have delightfully blended our families together. He and his daughter with me and my son. And if that isn't precious enough... we've recently added a new baby boy to the bunch! We live in our lovely home in the heart of the country... Kansas to be exact. Our life is as perfect as we make it! Our family consists of Papa Woody, Mama Woody, Woodchuck, Woodchick and Woodchip. 

Papa Woody works for the government (can't tell ya anymore than that unless you want to have your brain neutralized!) and I am a happy housewife. My little Woodchuck is 9 years old and boy-oh-boy does he keep Mama Woody on her toes. Our little Woodchick is 8 years old and she's the delicate balance in the household. Tiny Woodchip is brand new to the outside world and he is the light of all our lives.

As a family, we enjoy everything from playing football to storming the castle gate to rescue the damsel in distress. Our house is as quiet or as chaotic as we make it... usually the latter rules. Yipes!

My credentials in the world of Frugality:

Everyone has a back story, this one is mine. At least the gist of it...

As a young adult, I was never good with money. If I had it then I'd spend it... after all that's what money is for right? I married a man who was just like me and we had nothing but money problems our entire marriage. There were times we had to decide whether to pay rent or buy groceries. When we found ourselves in the Food Bank line because we were irresponsible with our money I knew something had to change. Unfortunately it takes two to tango as they say.  After 6 years of struggling, I couldn't handle the stress any longer so I called it quits and left with my son in tow.

I met my new husband who is super supportive of me and we live a financially responsible life together... debt free!! Money is no longer a stressful topic and I refuse to let it be ever again. I learned how to be frugal in my past out of necessity but I'm frugal today because I choose to be happy!

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